JavaScript (NodeJS, Typescript, Vue/Vuex), Java, Python, C++, PHP, SQL

Amazon Web Services, Azure DevOps Server (TFS), Visual Studio, Nginx


Developer, musician, and car enthusiast located in the greater Houston area. Before I picked up the automotive bug, I considered myself a round-the-clock keyboardist.

I'm always interested in new opportunities, particularly in remote work.



NestJS / Vue web app for logging and exploring your Spotify listening history.

Useful for recreating that group-collab road trip playlist or re-living a day in the life of a past you.


NodeJS-powered inside joke machine fed by Wikipedia articles, Reddit pages, and a random number generator that links to a MySQL database.

Takes input from and sends output to a GroupMe group chat.

Julia Set Audio Visualizer

An audio visualizer written in C++ that runs in a terminal.

It uses PulseAudio to read audio samples, translates those samples into a smoothed volume figure, then uses that volume figure as a complex seed for calculating a Julia set.

Other projects.

'97 Mazda Miata

Takes about the same amount of time as a full time job, while costing about as much as I'd earn.

I regularly autocross it with Houston's SCCA chapter, and have really enjoyed the few times I've had it out on a track.

In progress is a Raspberry Pi-based in-car computer to interface with the radio, record video as a dash cam, and record driving data for Autocross runs. I've built a circuit to read tachometer signal pulses and written a Python script to interpret those pulses, but other features are still in development.


I have spent my entire life learning and playing instruments - primarily piano, trombone, and guitar. I play guitar almost every day, and I make sure to get my horn out every Thursday with the Galveston Community Band.

I also will occasionally write and arrange music for myself and for others:

After scouring the Internet in an attempt to buy a bi pride watch band, I realized that nobody sold them. I decided to change that.

After working with manufacturers on Alibaba and selling an initial run on eBay, I've branched out into a new site:

They've since spread to seven countries across three continents, raising $1200+ for The Trevor Project, a non-profit dedicated to suicide prevention in LGBTQ youth.

Shawn Rast